Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Glenn Beck to end his FNC Show

News broke earlier today that Glenn Beck, after almost two years on the Fox News Channel, will end the run of his hour long show on the network in the 5-6PM Hour. The article states the agreement was mutual and that Beck will continue his business relationship through a production and development deal, yet I'm sure we'll hear Media Matters say he got fired, then take credit for it. In the coming months, we'll definitely know more.

In his two year run, Glenn Beck has reinvigorated the 20 minute monologue, usage of props to get his point across and has always articulated his points in a communicable and easy to understand manner and has given life and support to movements across the United States, be it the TEA Party, the 9/12 Project or the Restoring Honor Project. While there are a few things I may disagree with him on, his contributions cannot be ignored and should be heavily praised. We'll be watching to see what FNC comes up with to replace Glenn Beck.

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