Saturday, April 16, 2011

Obama's Hot Mic Moment

In what was supposed to be a moment without media at a Chicago fundraiser, President Obama was caught in a hot mic moment, where he whined about his problems and chastised Republicans for their attempt at repealing the job-killing health care bill in the budget. Hot mic moments are not new to this president, as we all recall what happened in 2008, causing problems for his primary campaign and partially responsible for a last minute Hillary Clinton surge.

The careful media coverage, the controlled speeches and the consistent use of staging in this administration has come to a screeching halt as the American people saw in those comments, the pettiness and arrogance of this president; something the president and his people don't want to readily make visible to the American voter. In trying to sound boastful and confident, he came off as sounding petulant and thin-skinned. This rhetoric by the president has the potential to be damaging. In what was a difficult week for the Republicans with the budget agreement, the president's comments can allow them to win some of their strength back, as his two-faced comments back him into a corner and any good-faith the Republicans may have bargained with can now be put to the wayside. The question is, will the Republicans in Congress head down this road?

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