Thursday, May 16, 2013

Despicable Disney Tours

I'm going a little off political topic and on to the topic of Disney on this one. Came across this story on Drudge this week - there is a tour guide company that offers 'black-market' VIP tours of Disney led by a handicapped person.

Posing as a family member, for almost $1100/day, these tour guides utilize the handicapped entrance for their party (maximum of 6 according to Disney rules) so that the main lines can be bypassed. This tour company markets to wealthy New York families who want to take their children to the "Most Magical Place on Earth" during their spring break. Disney has a policy of not asking for disabled ID for guests who rent wheelchairs and/or motorized scooters for the disabled.

As someone who loves Disney, I am disgusted by this story, and the disgust is aimed at the families who use these tours. Not only are they teaching their children lessons that will compromise their character in years to come, but they are showing their sheer laziness in parenting. Part of the fun of a Disney vacation is doing the research as a family to make the best of one's time in the park. Through the use of Fastpass, riding the major attractions at non-peak times, dining at non-peak times and utilizing Extra Magic Hours, one can cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. Close to the closing time of late Extra Magic Hours, the Magic Kingdom is especially quiet and one can get on the popular rides with less than a ten minute wait. Heck, with my knowledge of Disney, these families can hire ME and I'll get their children on all the rides without going outside the bounds of Disney policy!

This company has taken down their website and Disney will likely have to address their policy of ride access for disabled guests and their parties, and in the end, because of some despicable people who buck the system, those who the policy was intended to benefit may be hurt.

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