Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Eyes of Texas

Had some professional commitments, which have kept me from blogging, as well as a little travel; some of which I will tell you about today! At the end of April, I had the pleasure of taking my first trip to Texas, specifically, San Antonio and Austin, to attend the Young Republican National Federation's Spring Quarterly.

From a northeastern point of view, even one who has frequently traveled in the South, Texas truly has an identity of its own. From personalities to State Capitols to meal portions, it is true when they say "Everything's Bigger in Texas." That also goes toward warmth and hospitality! I had the opportunity of meeting and hearing a few Texas politicians speak of the importance of the 2nd Amendment on Texas culture, the history of the hand carry law, as well as the importance of the energy industry in Texas! For me, the political highlight of the trip was Senator Ted Cruz, and yes, that's me pictured with him above! He addressed our organization and gave a passionate speech, fully endorsing Conservatism as the way, accountability and an adherence to the US Constitution; all while personifying a never give up attitude that is sorely missing in the National Republican Party these days. The speech was given quite similarly to his CPAC address, and I have video from this address below.

And it now learned that President Obama sees Senator Cruz as a threat, as he is planning on Alinsky-ing him; making him the face of opposition, as well as attempting to silence him. The President does not realize that Senator Cruz cannot be silenced and will continue to fight for the Constitution.

In discussion with one of the Republican politicians I met in the Lone Star State, Republicans in Texas, including Senator Cruz, are aware of the danger of this president; be it his policies, his attempt to take credit for their doing, as well as his attempt to make a pair of fraudulent Marxist twins into the next Obama(s) who will usurp the Hispanic vote and paint Texas blue. They will continue to articulate the Conservative agenda, its success and will put it up against Obama's any day.

They say that those who visit Texas the first time want to return soon, and this goes without saying for me, but it's my hope that those of us from Blue States can take back with us not just the everyday souvenirs of Cowboy hats, boots and Longhorns/Aggies apparel, but also the policies and Conservative agenda that has made Texas such an economic success; applying it to our blue states to one day, make them red!

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