Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ted Cruz Taking Washington By Storm

For the past two weeks, the newly elected Junior Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, has taken Washington by storm, showing he is a consistent Conservative and practicing the method of No Fear; all with an effective media savvy that some veterans of Washington, in the Republican Party, do not possess.

Many believe that Ted Cruz’s intense questioning, in committee of Attorney Eric Holder, and the Attorney General’s fumbling, eventually led to the Rand Paul filibuster. Furthermore, Ted Cruz was a major contributor to those 13 hours on the Senate floor; quoting Shakespeare and reading tweets of support.

On Friday, in the Senate Judiciary Committee, Ted Cruz had this exchange with California Senior Senator, and avowed leftist, Dianne Feinstein, over the Constitutionality of a proposed assault weapons ban.

As a conservative who will utilize every opportunity to make a point, I found this moment beautiful! Not only did he tick off Feinstein, who should be questioned for her beliefs, but he put up a fight in which many in his party refuse to engage. You now have Feinstein going all over the media, trying to paint Cruz as a sexist as he "rudely challenged her." She's almost 80 years old, she can handle it, and America knows it.

And on Saturday, Ted Cruz was the star of the show at CPAC! Unlike keynote speakers of the past, Cruz came out early to introduce Sarah Palin to show his loyalty for her support. Later that afternoon, Cruz gave his keynote and it was rather unique in that he stepped away from the podium to give it and did so without a teleprompter! In the keynote, Cruz professed a strict adherence to the US Constitution, the Constitutional role of separation of powers; all while wearing the attacks from the Beltway Mentality Republicans within his own party. The audience, including myself, loved every moment of that speech. My phone's battery died at this point, otherwise I would have posted a video of the speech. Instead, I'll post the entire speech that was posted on YouTube.

Ted Cruz has done incredible work in Washington during the first year of his first term in the US Senate. Could we see more from Ted Cruz? Some are already addressing the Constitutional issues that may come into play if he runs for president! That issue aside, Ted Cruz is a name that all in the United States will learn and know.

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