Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rand Paul vs. the Beltway Mentality

As I said this week, Rand Paul's filibuster has been quite the influential moment in Washington, and from the reaction it's getting otuside the Beltway, the energy exhibited by the Junior Senator from Kentucky is spreading! Not everybody, apparently in Washington is happy.

Senators John McCain and Linsdey Graham have attempted to undercut Rand Paul and his actions, apparently from the dinner table with Obama. Thankfully, Rand Paul is not backing down, standing behind his filibuster, as well as his methods.

McCain and Graham are part of the old guard who believe in the Beltway Mentality; go along to get along, be seen to be seen and be accepted as a member of the loyal opposition. Rand Paul and Republicans like Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee believe they were sent to Washington with a purpose; and that purpose isn't to have a prominent table nightly at Sam & Harry's while having the media oogle them along the cocktail party scene, but instead, to get the work of the American people done, and that work, at least expressed by their voters, is stopping the Obama agenda. The nearly 49% of Americans who did not vote for Barack Obama should know which Republicans to support and which Republicans to primary.

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