Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I Stand with Rand: The Filibuster

It has been quite a newsworthy day in Washington DC today! Thinking they were facing a storm that would bring them lots of snow, they are now facing a storm of discontent, thanks to the Rand Paul filibuster!

We have not seen this in a few years...a good old fashioned, stop the clock filibuster, against the nomination of CIA Director designate, John Brennan. Senator Paul's opposition centers on the drone policy and whether or not a strike can be ordered upon an American citizen, on American soil, without taking it through the justice system and when no threat is eminent. Senators on both sides of the aisle have taken up Rand Paul's cause and at 8:18 Eastern Time, he continues to speak!

Since the election, many Conservatives and Republicans, myself included, have gone through a withdrawal process, or detox, and taken a little time off. Today, Rand Paul's action of filibuster injected a little life and fight that is so needed into the Republican Party. We're back! We must not forget that the Republican Congress is the last line of defense in Washington from the agenda of Barack Obama and we hope this is the beginning of the end of the "Beltway Mentality" held by the Republican Party.

Rand Paul is standing on principle and not backing down. Whether or not this battle is won, he has inspired those at the grassroots level get back into battle mode. He has also helped himself in distancing himself from his father, while making a name for himself for the future, and advancing a brand of Republicanism, with a heavy lean on Libertianism, that is palatable to Conservatives. This is turning out to not be your quintessential second presidential term in Washington DC.

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