Monday, July 28, 2014

Having Fun During a Busy Time

Let's just say that the past few months, I've been swamped. In the process of being swamped, I've also tried to have a little fun. The school where I taught this year had asked me to perform in their variety show after the director heard about my past singing experiences - no, no record contract, just muscial theatre in high schoool, Madrigals in college and a little karaoke when the mood strikes. In this video, here I am. Apparently, I brought the house down! I come on at about 4:00 of the video.

Outside of school, I've been keeping involved with politics and some fun! Took a trip to Washington DC back in May and had the pleasure of meeting Florida Senator Marco Rubio and also had the opportunity to listen to and meet many members of Congress, attend a session at the Heritage Foundation, attend a reception at the Embassy of Taiwan and meet former HP CEO Carly Fiorina.

Attending, in New York City, Mallory Factor's New York Meeting has also been an honor and has given me the opportunity to meet and interact with the Who's Who in Repblican circles. While I did enjoy meeting Dr. Carson last March, another favorite I met was former RNC Chair and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour. Very down to earth man who knows how to interact with people and knows politics well. Like Dr. Carson, he also took my question (skip to the end of the video to hear me ask it) and graciously thanked me for asking it afterwards.

This year has been quite exciting and I look forward to the continuation of this year!

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