Saturday, September 20, 2014

Driving the Left Crazy

For the past two years, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has been working on renovating the plaza in front of the museum along it's 6 block facade on 5th Avenue. This month, the new plaza opened (pictured above).

And with the opening comes a bit of controversy.

Footing the $65 million bill to redeisgn plaza is Met board member David H. Koch; the same businessman the left loves to demonize because he in addition to his philanthropy, he gives to many conservative causes and candidates.

As one walks up and down Fifth Avenue, they see this:

I love watching the left flip out about this non-story and find it rather telling they can't give a man credit for his philanthropy. Happy to see his name emblazoned in the plaza and will be glad to see it every time I walk by!

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