Saturday, May 7, 2011

Back to 9%

The media could put as much spin on it as they want, but the numbers still state the facts. Unemployment (U-3) is back up to 9%, while the U-6 rate, those who have "given up" is at 15.9%.

In the United States of America, these numbers should not be the case, but because of the actions of the Federal Government in increasing their role in our everyday lives between more regulation, the healthcare law, the wasteful stimulus and looming tax hikes, Americans are held hostage by these numbers and many Americans are spending their early years of their professional lives idle because they cannot find a job. The reversal process of these horrible numbers could be put into action if the Federal Government can do a total 180.

We can only hope that Americans who have been struck by this horrible, government-created jobs situation, realize the reasons behind it and vote with their wallets in 2012.

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