Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The "Most Transparent Administration" in US History will not Release UBL Photo

News broke today that President Obama, who once claimed he would have the "most transparent administration in history," has decided not to release the photos of a dead Usama Bin Laden. Conspiracy theorists aside, this decision at which he finally arrived, will likely anger Americans.

Too many people have died, not only in the World Trade Center, on the planes and in the Pentagon on 9-11-2001, but especially those fighting on the battlefield to keep those who would harm America, away from American soil, for that photo to be hidden from view. Furthermore, the president doesn't need to be the arbiter of what is and isn't appropriate to be seen, as half the shows on television and many of the movies made these days can be brought into question. If we can handle a Jack Bauer torture scene or an action film from the Die Hards to Total Recall, we can sure as heck handle a picture of a dead terrorist. That role should go to the parents.

Obama also claims that releasing the photo will anger the terrorists and make us more susceptible to attack. Did this happen when the photos of Uday and Qusay being "dead-ay" were released? No! We were not attacked during the Bush Administration after 9-11!

This politically correct nonsense, especially the events leading up the "burial at sea" of UBL, which angered some Americans, is dangerous, as it is viewed by our enemies as weak. It also puts American interests in second place. Apparently, Obama and the Democrats only like pictures such as those in Abu Ghraib, that don't put the American military in a positive light, as those pictures released had more potential for danger than those of a dead terrorist.

This was a bad decision on the president's part and for the sake of Americans whose lives were affected by this barbarian, he should have released the photos. Tomorrow's decision to, in the president's words, "Spike the Ball," at Ground Zero is not too wise either.

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