Friday, May 20, 2011

We Must Stand With Israel!

Since her creation, Israel's enemies have attempted to push her people into the Mediterranean and have either fought for an end to her existence, either through military action, terrorism or the United Nations. Through and through, Israel has defended herself and not only survived, but thrived, while embracing Western ideologies and freedom.

Israel's closest ally since her creation, the United States, has done her a great disservice, when President Obama, in a "major speech," endorsed the Palestinian position for an independent Palestinian state: a return to Israel's pre-1967 border. In response, Benjamin Netanyahu has already rejected this position, stating Israel would be put in an indefensible position. At its most narrow point, Israel is 12 miles wide; the same distance of the length of Manhattan. Another example, Ben Gurion International Airport, Israel's international gateway, is located 3 miles from the West Bank territory, which would be given to the Palestinians as per the pre-1967 borders, just enough space for shots to be fired at arriving and departing jets; a disaster in the making, not only for the passengers flying into Israel, but the overall Israeli economy.

This has angered many in Israel and could have the potential to be detrimental to his numbers in the United States, but politics aside, it is dangerous for an American president to stab it's ally in the heart the way he did today. We already know Obama is no fan of the Netanyahu government, but this policy is flat-out dangerous, not only to Israel, but to the Western world, as Israel is the most stable nation in the region. If she falls, we may be entering into some uncharted territory that can have deleterious effects worldwide. It is for these reasons that Americans must stand with Israel, despite what the president believes!

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