Thursday, February 28, 2013

Leftists on Hannity Create a Stir

While watching Hannity on Tuesday, I was quite caught off guard by the blatant ignorance and offensive nature of two guests Sean had on his show.

First was Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison. Here is the clip, along with the montage Hannity aired before introducing him.

As you can see, the Congressman’s temperament went over the cliff. He could not face or defend the president in that montage, which Sean used to show the president’s fear-mongering when it comes to Sequestration. Instead, the Congressman resorted to name calling and petulant shouting.

I took note of the Congressman accusing Hannity of yellow journalism and being a sorry excuse for a journalist. What he, and many liberals like the Congressman do not understand is that Hannity is NOT a journalist, he is an analyst. As I have previously explained, there is a clear difference between hard news, which is Bret Baier’s focus, and news analysis, which is Hannity’s focus. Fox News pays him to give his opinion and argue his point of view. The Congressman chose to ignore this fact and thankfully, Sean only subjected his viewers to nine minutes of the Congressman’s ranting.

Also noticeable was the behavior of another liberal leaning guest, attorney and analyst, Tamara Holder. Here is the video clip, as you need to see this for yourself.

The false blanket statement made by Holder was flat-out offensive and Hannity was right to call her out. Every Southern friend that I have is in much better shape than the majority of my Northeastern friends. Maybe they don’t eat the yummy goodness of New Orleans Cajun cuisine and the fantastic fried foods one sees in Atlanta and Charlotte, maybe they take advantage of the warmer weather to exercise outside; either way, Tamara Holder is wrong and she should be pressured to apologize.

Thankfully other guests on Hannity, that evening, returned his broadcast to sanity.

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