Monday, February 18, 2013

#Rubio-ing: In Support of Marco

Last Tuesday, Barack Obama gave his fifth State of the Union address. No news in that, as that speech was a lot more of the same: big government rules, Republicans are to blame and I'm here to help everyone. (except Americans who need jobs) The big news came after the speech when Marco Rubio gave the Republican response.

The speech given by the Florida Senator was eloquent, well delivered and not only was Conservative in nature, but it made stark comparisons to Liberalism; continually coming home to the point that Conservatism is superior. What made news was the moment that occurred just past 11 minutes of the video was the water incident. Critics of Republicans and Rubio tried to throw accusations at the Senator: nervous, unprepared, unsure, awkward. This was done due to the fact that those left-leaning individuals in power see Marco Rubio as a threat to their power and just as they do with their opponents, they attack and demean to see that person loses favor and their ideas are not clearly articulated to their intended audience. As the week progressed, it was seen by Americans as a ridiculous attack, and they were reminded of the content of his speech.

I would like to provide some advice to the Senator, a man whom I greatly respect. The left will come at this man like nobody ever has and he must be prepared for this! That is why he must choose his interviewers carefully, his words carefully and not allow himself to get bogged down in silly attacks. While he might not have passed the test in November, he surely did last week.

In closing, some advice to the GOP. This is a very challenging speech to give, and to take some of the awkward nature away from it, as a result of being alone, in a room, with a camera aimed at you, please consider giving the State of the Union rebuttal in front of an audience. Governor Bob McDonnell did this in 2010 and was quite successful. This should be done for the remainder of the years the United States has to watch a Barack Obama State of the Union Address.

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