Sunday, December 23, 2012

Massacre in Newtown Connecticut

While I was away, I was on a total news blackout and only read a couple of social networking sites to see what was going on in the world. A terrible news item came to my attention and that was the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting committed by Adam Lanza.

On the morning of Friday, December 14, Lanza killed his mother before traveling to the school where she worked to kill 26 adults and children. In the days following, as details have been released, we have learned about the heroes and those who gave their lives for 'their' children. We have also learned the details and possible motives of Lanza. The events of this day truly shocked the nation.

"The 'Right' Solutions" continues to pray for those lost on December 14 and the families who have to bury the lost.

The most shameful actions to occur after this shooting are the politicians who attempt to "Rahm Emanuel" this tragedy for a gain on their political agenda. It is sick, transparent and Americans should see through this disgusting behavior. The problem is clearly not guns, but instead how society should best be dealing with mental illness (as in the Holmes/Colorado Shooting) and disability (in this tragedy) and how to separate popular culture from reality.

Ronald Reagan once said, "All great change in America begins at the dinner table." I hope the majority families have been discussing this tragic incident and educating their children at the same time about how to best prevent it from happening again.

As an aside, I must give a tip of the cap to the Walt Disney Company, where I was when the shooting occurred, as within an hour after the Sandy Hook School Shooting, flags across the resort were lowered to half staff. Well done.

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