Monday, September 19, 2011

Message to the American Left: Get Over It!

They can't help themselves! Bill Keller at the New York Times, penned a column where he argued that blaming Bush is not only correct, but warranted.

From time to time, the president has pushed this narrative, but almost three years into his term, Americans are seeing the government grow by leaps and bounds while the problems of a lagging economy and unemployment still exist. By passing the blame on to his predecessor and not actively doing anything about fixing the problems, and instead, playing the victim, Obama is not leading. The 2009 stimulus wasted billions of dollars and did not create new jobs, ObamaCare's slow implementation has further hampered job growth, and with the "jobs bill" and his plan for debt reduction calls for further tax increases that will continue to eliminate jobs, while still hampering job growth.

These actions further exacerbate the problems of many Americans (14 million currently out of work) and voters would be wise, in 2012, to remember this and end this sad period in American history of empty and absent leadership in the White House.

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