Friday, September 2, 2011

Screwing Up Speech Logistics

As usual, the President over-reached yesterday in attempting to upstage while scheduling his speech. The time has now been set and that's 7PM, EDT, next Thursday night.

This timing poses a few problems. First, a time zone problem. On the west coast, it will air in the late afternoon; not during the coveted prime time spot. Californians and anyone in the Pacific Time Zone will either be nearing the tail end of their workday or arriving at the bar for Happy Hour. Second, his speech takes place before the NFL Season Opener, which, in the past few years, is quite the spectacle with concerts, pre-game activities, and the fans watching, either at Lambeau Field, from their homes or their favorite sports bar won't be paying attention.

The best thing he can do in this speech is re-live that MNF promo (the whole thing is comical enough where it would fit in), yet in the end, Americans realize this speech will be more of the same and as a result, this will not end well for the President.

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