Monday, September 5, 2011

Them's Fightin' Words

At a Labor Day socialist sympathizers' rally today, Jimmy Hoffa, Head of the Teamsters and son of Jimmy Hoffa Sr., who "disappeared," spoke to the gathered crowd in Detroit.

As one can see, Hoffa's act inciting of violence against TEA Party members and Republicans may go along with what the SEIU "purple shirts" have done in the past, yet it conflicts with Obama's wishes at the Gabby Giffords/Arizona shooting victims' service political rally. The question is, will President Obama condemn Hoffa's words?

After hearing Biden's words at this rally, and Obama's words today, as well as previous comments, I think the answer is a likely no. Just goes to show more phoniness from this administration and how any calls for civility are an absolute joke!

Just a look ahead of things to come in 2012!

UPDATE: Obama is "proud" of Hoffa and leaders like him. Guess there won't be any apology or 'under the bus tosses' on this one.

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