Monday, September 26, 2011

Next Stop: Surpreme Court

According to news reports, ObamaCare is likely heading the Supreme Court, as a result of the Federal Government not asking the 11th Circuit to re-hear the case.

This is a big surprise to many, as it was expected the government would use every stalling tactic available to keep the debate about ObamaCare out of the headlines in an election year. They are apparently putting a lot of faith in the Supreme Court finding the law Constitutional. This will be highly politically charged and rival the coverage of Bush v. Gore (2000). We are already starting to see the media set their targets on Clarence Thomas, yet they should be careful about over-confidence and the fact that Elena Kagan holds much baggage surrounding ObamaCare.

This is a battle where Conservatives should not shy away and a Supreme Court decision declaring this law Unconstitutional (which I believe will happen) will be a great step for job creation to take place on a greater scale in the United States and if handed down before November 2012, will be detrimental to this president's re-election, as his "accomplishment" will be voided out by law.

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