Thursday, September 29, 2011

Will BHO be the next LBJ?

On a recent interview on Hannity, Dick Morris stated there is a chance Barack Obama could step aside and decline to run for re-election, pulling an LBJ.

I've met Dick Morris, I've discussed politics with Dick Morris and I think Dick Morris has a great track record, but on this, he's dead wrong. Yes, Barack Obama is in danger of losing big, yes he's unpopular, but he also has a ridiculously large ego, is an ideologue, shows contempt for the supporters who aren't necessarily supporting him, and will not acquiesce to the Clintons or anyone in the Democrat Party. He has $1 billion dollars to work with, and guaranteed, this campaign will go into the final round, maybe even will, to cite David Axelrod's comments, resemble the Titanic.

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