Thursday, September 29, 2011

So the Dems Want to Cancel the Elections: Should we be surprised?

Washington has been all abuzz this week with the Freudian slip of North Carolina's Democrat Governor, Bev Perdue, stating that we should consider cancelling the 2012 Elections. You heard right! Allow me to ask, why should we be surprised.

We have seen, since 2009, how Democrats operate. They have tried to shut out opposition, either by sending their union goons out to beat up TEA Partiers, by violently reacting to citizens expressing their First Amendment right, by ramming through unwanted bills, by questionable treatment of citizens at town hall meetings, by idolizing murdering despots, and by pontificating whether there is "too much democracy" in America.

Considering that record, there is no reason to believe they wouldn't try to suspend the 2012 elections, which is why I don't dismiss Perdue's comments as "crazy talk." The level of "Chicago 101" we may see will make this election cycle like none that we've seen before. From now through the elections, Republicans must be vigilant about their tactics. To fully prevent any shenanigans that would come from a closer election, Republicans must vote in full force against this president, his party and his agenda. It seems that every day, this president is more and more landslide-able.

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