Thursday, January 17, 2013

GOP: Just Do It

The Republican Party is heading to their annual retreat in Williamsburg, VA, where they will meet to plan ahead, the future of their agenda and the future of their party. We're starting to hear about it in the news, we're starting to hear plans discussed before their implemented. I have some advice that can be summed up in three masterful words created by a late 1980s/1990s Nike Ad campaign: Just Do It!

Just Do It: Don't talk about it beforehand, don't give previews to the media so the Democrats and Obama can plan ahead to attack, don't give the opposition any inkling of the plan for the future of the GOP. Surprise them! Just Do It.

Just Do It: Don't accept the premise of any leftist, including the president, don't accept policy that is reactionary in nature, pushed through with emotion or allowed to pass as the answer to a tragedy. Just Do It.

Just Do It: Don't poll test it, don't cower and cow-tow to voters, don't seem apologetic or ashamed of your beliefs. Articulate conservatism, get back to basics, welcome Conservatives into the party with open arms and remind Americans why they are Conservative (and may not know it) and use the principles of Conservatism to unite the party. Just Do It!

Republicans in Williamsburg should use those three words as a rallying call so they may survive as a party and we may survive as a nation as we face another four years of Barack Obama. Just Do It.

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