Thursday, January 3, 2013

Left Irresponsibly Going After Guns

Since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the left has taken the message of Rahm Emanuel and has amped up their rhetoric in attacking the Second Amendment. This week, they went too far.

The Westchester Journal News made a decision to publish the addresses of gun owners in its community. The editors who made this decision think they're cute because they're intimidating citizens who are not gun owners from purchasing a gun and were probably patting themselves on the back. This act is quite dangerous and puts all citizens in this mostly affluent New York City suburban area, pardon the pun, in the crosshairs. Those who are not gun owners will be more susceptible to break-ins and home invasions, as the criminals know they will not be looking down the barrel of a gun from the homeowners who, as a result, cannot properly defend their property. For the law abiding gun owners, maybe law enforcement officers, it also puts them in danger, as well as their families, especially if the criminals take the time to research their schedules and attack when either they're not home or another family member may not have access to the firearm.

As a result of this reckless act, there are some political leaders who are taking steps so the citizens they represent are not subject to this this cruel game of Russian Roulette. When trying to score political points, those on the left must remember what ramifications their selfish acts may contain, and must be held accountable for their behavior, whether in a criminal or civil court of law.

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