Monday, January 7, 2013

Janeane Garfalo Attacks Joel Surnow and 24

I honestly get a nails on a chalkboard cringe whenever I hear Janeane Garafalo speak, and today, it happened again.

In an interview on some obscure blog, Garafalo decided to attack Joel Surnow, the creator of 24, using the show as propaganda, scaring Americans about a Hillary presidency and making liberals look weak. She indirectly accused him of using the show to advance a political agenda.

A few problems with Ms. Garafolo's complaints. First, don't liberals do this? (Use media and television to advance an agenda.) Oh let me count the ways - we've had The American President, The West Wing, and That's My Bush; to name a few. Also she shows her disloyalty to a man who gave her a job (not too many people seem to be doing that these days) and accuses him of "wanting to humiliate me." Like liberals usually do, Garafalo makes it all about herself. Had Surnow wanted to humiliate Janeane Garafalo, he would have fired her, had the terrorists torture her character or killed off her character! I didn't see her give back her paycheck to Surnow either. And in terms of Surnow using the Cherry Jones character of President Allison Taylor, there are certain decisions that she made where she put the security of the United States above her political beliefs; something I wonder if Hillary has the will to do. Surnow's portrayal of Allison Taylor's downfall ties in with what had led to the downfall of many American presidents: power and legacy.

Janeane Garafalo is a bitter lieftist who will do anything to make herself relevant, even if trying to drag her former boss through the mud. In her mad pursuit of her liberal agenda, she forgets why Americans loved 24 and Jack Bauer. Jack Bauer and those like him are heroes who sacrfice for the safety and security of every American; whether going about their day quietly or those who wish to use their First Amendment Rights, like Janeane Garafalo, to protest the methods those who protect this country use. I look forward to 24 coming to the big screen, believe many Americans feel the same way and will show their feelings at the box office!

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