Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pulling Back the Curtain of Media Bias

This week, Steve Kroft appeared on Piers Morgan's CNN show (and nobody would have seen it if there was no Internet) and dropped a bomb about the president's frequent visits to 60 Minutes.

In that one answer, he did two things. First, he showed how a president ducks anyone in the media who will challenge him. He wants the interviewers who will let him filibuster, he wants the interviewers (unlike Bret Baier) who will challenge him, he wants the interviewers who will fawn all over him. Kroft and those like him are willing accomplices to allowing this president to paint a false sense of reality to the American people.

Second, it showed the media bias at play - slobbering all over the Democrat, endorsing the Democrat's agenda through softball questioning, while pummeling the Republican, utilizing the straw man in questioning, attacking the Republican for an action while ignoring the Democrat who did the same thing and badgering while the question is attempting to be answered. It's apparent, Americans notice it and should react to it with their wallets, computers and remote controls. There is a reason why Fox News and Rush Limbaugh are successful and there is a reason why the president attacks them - they are a threat to the old guard and will continue to prosper as long as a Liberal media bias exists.

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