Friday, January 25, 2013

Hill to The Hill

The day finally arrived last Wednesday. After weeks of delay, due to health reasons, Hillary Clinton testified on Capitol Hill about Benghazi; just as her term as Secretary of State comes to a close.

Once the Democrat chorus of praise and adulation came to an end, pointed questions about her role in the Benghazi attacks of 9-11-12 were asked. During this testimony, we saw crying Hillary, we saw serious to the point Hillary and we saw shrill Hillary. The climax of the meeting came at this point, after being questioned by Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin:

This line, "What difference does it make," was very telling. Americans still want answers as to the causes of the attack, the reasons behind the lapse in security and answers to whether this attack could have been prevented. There are those who believe the Benghazi investigation has been swept under the rug to politically protect those involved; be it for 2012 or for 2016. To those who want those answers, that was an cold, insensitive comment by the Secretary of State, and it should strengthen their resolve to push for answers. These families lost their loved ones who were serving their nation abroad and it's only right they get those answers.

Very little new information was discovered with Mrs. Clinton's testimony and frankly, it was a lost opportunity by the Republicans and those who want answers. Some could also argue that this testimony was nothing more than a circling of the wagons around Hillary by her fellow members of the ruling class, others may believe it was a whitewashing of her record in preparation for 2016.

Yes, there are many barriers, from the media to the ruling class that may be protecting those in power, but if history has taught us anything, from Watergate, to Iran Contra, to Monicagate, the cover-up never fully covers up and when it comes out, the truth hurts - especially for those not telling it.

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