Friday, September 14, 2012

Wheels Coming Off the Obama Foreign Policy Train

It looks like the wheels have been falling off the Barack Obama foreign policy train all this week.

Nearly two years after the movement began, the "Arab Spring" is coming to rule it's ugly, anti-American head with the 9-11 Embassy attacks that occurred this week. We are learning even more troubling news: it now looks as if there was warning and the American government did nothing.

Building on top of reports that the Marines protecting these American missions were banned from carrying live ammo, combined with the 11th Anniversary of September 11 and the empty chair moments of this president at his Intelligence briefings, if the 48 hour advance notice allegation holds true, America must seriously ask how they can trust Barack Obama to run a strong American foreign policy! With just over 50 days before the election, these attacks, the President's embracing of the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as turning his back on Israel, could have similar consequences that Carter's bungling of Iran had on his election back in 1980.

Mitt Romney continues to be under attack for his wonderful speech in standing up for America, (wasn't it once Patriotic to disagree with the President?) but now comes the time for his campaign to make the argument against Barack Obama's disgraceful and horrendous foreign policy initiatives, as well as why the mistakes he made will be a thorn in the side of the United States for years to come. I would hope his campaign takes a look at these ads and develops something to argue how Barack Obama's foreign policy leadership will lead to the United States of America being under greater threat of attack, not only abroad, but on the homeland.
For a while, I have been hoping there would be a focus on foreign policy in this election, but it's sad to see it took these tragic and barbaric events to bring it to the forefront. No matter how much Democrats try to spin it, this is an issue on which Republicans are clearly superior and shouldn't be afraid to articulate it.

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