Friday, September 28, 2012

Allen West Won His Race With This Ad

Congressman and retired Lieutenant-Colonel Allen West released an ad tonight that is one of the strongest I've seen all election season.

Many on the left (and even some Republicans) have tried to drag West down, but he does not relent, and instead, shows a strong resolve, stays on his Conservative message and continually fights back. We see a lot of that in this ad, which has convinced me that he will win re-election. It clearly paints a picture of two different men seeking that office and shows that West is the superior man in character, stature and responsibility. Not only will this ad win the election for West, it will help Romney within Florida's 18th Congressional District, and in South Florida, further cementing victory for Romney in the Sunshine State. And whoever produced this ad needs to be doing the same thing at Crossroads Generation and the other GOP SuperPACs in these final 40 days.

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