Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bibi at the UN

It is UN week in New York City, which means to regular New Yorkers, lots of traffic and a heavy police presence; both on the ground and in the air. Today at the UN General Assembly was the most awaited speech: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu's address to the UN General Assembly was sobering and hit home about Iran's nuclear weapons programme and the danger, the danger Israel faces and what must be done to protect the Jewish State. His use of the visual aide, a cartoonish bomb, was necessary, especially to those who either ignore or coalesce around Iran; choosing to look the other way. He is the most Reagan-esque and Thatcher-esque International leader in that he is showing a strong resolve needed to defeat evil. This is clearly a threat to those on the left. The media realizes this, which is why they mock him and President Obama realizes this, which is why he minimizes him. I have never seen Netanyahu more serious that I did in this speech and it can be safe to say to look to the Middle East in the coming months for events to shape the world for years to come.

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