Thursday, September 6, 2012

Obama: Use His Own Words Against Him

After this evening, the Mos Eisley gang will leave the Cantina and the campaign will truly heat up! I cannot stress enough, to the Romney campaign, to USE THIS PRESIDENT'S WORDS AGAINST HIM!!!

The first time I saw the Romney campaign wake up and do this was Barack Obama's "You Didn't Build That" Moment. It was refreshing to see him rebut this, continue to play the clip, play the in-context version and make it a major focus at the Republican National Convention.

Last week, the Republican National Committee reminded us of the president's empty words, continuing to use his words against him.

Again, effective because it shows Americans and Obama voters that it's all just words, just speeches.

Here are some Obama sound bytes that can be used for future ads.
If anyone from Romney's campaign is reading this, please, please, please, follow my advice! I join other Americans in saying that Mitt Romney is the last great hope of saving the United States of America

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