Thursday, September 6, 2012

DNC: Day 2

Day 2 of the Democrat National Committee started out a tad crazy. First, the DNC moved the Obama speech from Bank of America Stadium outside, to a smaller indoor venue in the Time Warner Cable Arena. Fact is they could not fill the stadium and this move was made so not to embarrass Obama. End of story. Second, there was the "God" fight on the floor today. Never forget the Democrat Party booed God - this is a video that needs to be played on continuous loop. On to the speeches.

1. Angry Liberal Women

Let's touch on Sandra Fluke first. She had absolutely no business being on that podium tonight, as she's a single issue gal - the government should pay for my birth control pills. Her speech came off as abrasive, bitter and angry. She got her Republican shots and her Rush Limbaugh shots in, so she must feel pretty good about herself. What I find most interesting about her speech is that liberal leaning pundits like Kirsten Powers questioned her commentary and the attention she is receiving. All this speech does is advance the stupid Republican War on Women argument, which was clearly shot down by women like Condoleezza Rice, Susana Martinez and Nikki Haley.

On to Elizabeth Warren. Like this president, she is a student of George Lakoff, so it's no surprise that she was given this prominent speaking spot. It also helps she's running against Senator Scott Brown, an individual Obama clearly despises, who happens to hold the seat Teddy Kennedy once held. Like Michelle Obama, Warren aims at heartstrings, but gives total credit to government for building society, while ripping Republicans and those who support them for tearing it down. While aiming for passion, she comes off as angry and doesn't exhibit the positive rhetoric her Republican counterparts do. Interestingly enough, she did not mention Scott Brown's name, she did not mention her "Fauxcahantas" controversy. Forget that she's a hard leftist, a liar and someone of ill character; because she is running in Massachusetts and spouting the Democrat populist lines, she could very well unseat Scott Brown, who has 60 days to travel around the Bay State in that truck and save his seat.

2. Bill Clinton

The Bill Clinton Address was the one everyone was waiting to see. Coming out to the Fleetwood Mac song that was his campaign theme song in 1992 and 1996, Bill Clinton's job was to endorse Obama, putting aside the past bad blood and division between the two that stemmed from the 2008 Democrat Primary. It was a good attempt to endorse Obama and the speech was quintessential Clinton; as it was very very long, focused on himself and his achievements. In talking about what he did in the 1990s; triangulating, working to promote private industry and creating jobs. (although he mentioned he went along with the Republicans, kicking and screaming) There was also a strong focus on compromise in his administration. This was directed to the swing voters, but it also exposed the president. Eight years of Bill Clinton were vastly different from Barack Obama's four years of my way, I won, and ram it though. In talking about himself, Bill Clinton's unsaid words spoke volumes about the donkey in the room: the ideological nature of this president. His speech was then overly statistical to an audience that was ready to hit the Uptown Charlotte bars, but in the end, it seemed more like a campaign launch for Hillary in 2016 than a ringing endorsement of Barack Obama, especially knowing his praise of Romney, as well as the fact that Clintons don't get over defeat and insults very easily. I have learned to never count out the Clintons in pursuit of their own personal gain, and tonight continued in that pattern.

Tomorrow evening is the last of the Democrat Convention in Charlotte. As we learned earlier today, it will be indoors and in front of a smaller audience. Obama is going to try to recreate 2008, but I just don't see it coming close.

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