Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Inside the Beltway Mentality" Rears its Ugly Face

A few months ago, I wrote of the Beltway Mentality that is ever-present in the Republican Party, and played a large role in the primaries. Well, the past couple of weeks, that Belway Mentality has began to rear its ugly face again.

These Beltway Republicans told us that Romney was the only hope to win and now, under 50 days out from the election, many look as though they are starting to bail; thinking more of themselves than the country, in doing all they can so that the Republican Party takes back the White House in November. They're buying into the gloom and doom of the Democrat-weighted polls, they're joining in on the media's criticism of Romney's reaction to the September 11th Embassy Attacks and are criticizing him for the possibly illegally recorded and doctored recording of Romney's speech at a fundraiser.

To his credit, Mitt Romney has become a markedly improved candidate and has shown signs of greatness. He needs to fully disregard the advice of these Beltway Republicans and clearly ask them whose side they're on! While these people barely venture outside of Interstate 495, it is Mitt Romney who is traveling around the country to communities like Dayton, Des Moines, Ocala, Littleton and Janesville. In his traveling, both he and Paul Ryan clearly see how Americans are hopeful for a change from the past four years. I would be most pleased, as would these voters, to see Mitt Romney completely stay on offense, continuing to move forward to November.

This election, in this atmosphere, is clearly winnable and if he is honest with Americans, speaks plainly and directly, doesn't waiver and cower into his corner like the disloyal, selfish Beltway Republicans, there is nothing that could prevent Mitt Romney from overwhelmingly winning this election.

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