Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DNC in CLT: Night 1

Tonight was the first night of the Democrat National Convention. Thankfully the Republicans are bracketing, as is the fact that the United States crossed over $16 trillion in debt. No problem for the Democrats, they're going to block it all out. The big speeches tonight were given by San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro and Michelle Obama. Before I get into that speech, I have a little analysis of what the Democrats have been trying to set up at this convention.

The big theme is that government is life, government is the center of humanity. We have seen a leftward tilt in this platform, and some shocking and disgraceful, and as the convention plays out, it's coming to life. We've seen it in the speeches, as we have in the vitriol presented against Mitt Romney. Furthermore, there is no mention of the next four years and what's to come; just that if you re-elect Barack Obama, you can get an abortion, birth control and health care; all paid for by the government! Let's look at the two big speeches.

1. Julian Castro

Who? Castro? That's right, Castro - he's the mayor of San Antonio, in his mid-late 30s, Harvard Law School graduate and Democrat. With choosing him to keynote the convention, the Obama campaign wanted to re-create 2004, when an unknown Illinois legislator running for Senate addressed the DNC in Boston. And ladies and gentlemen, they did not come close. Castro's delivery was off, his jokes didn't connect and he wasted a tad too much time on himself. He also went against the Democrat grain by calling Romney a "nice guy." In this speech, he tried way to hard to be like Marco Rubio especially with this line:
"My mother fought hard for civil rights so that instead of a mop, I could hold this microphone."
He also tied government and unions way too much to becoming a part of the middle class, further aligning himself and his party to Obama's You didn't build that moment. This was not a good speech, he was used by the Democrats and he'll go back into oblivion.

2. Michelle Obama

A lot of people will compare her speech to Ann Romney's speech and I will too: Ann Romney's was better. Michelle Obama came off as empathetic and sympathetic; kind of like the "First Mom;" tears and all. She's able to do what most liberals try to do and that's go on emotion; using emotion to make legislative policy personal, whether telling her story about student loans, her story about her upbringing, while continuing on the same themes: you didn't build that, government is a part of your life and Barack is a strong man who will lead because he believes that's how it should be.

She was effective in bringing out the tears, jarring at emotions and firing up the base, but knowing what she has said in the past, I don't buy any of it! Republicans don't buy any of it, Americans who are unemployed and overtaxed don't buy any of it either. Furthermore, it was way too much "Michelle" and not enough "Barack in the next four years." She did her best, but the speech won't get any new votes.

Michelle Obama's emotional tugs makes the night a success for the base. For night two we have the Bill Clinton unvetted speech and Elizabeth Warren to look forward to, yet it will conflict with my Giants season opener. Then, night three is the big speech, but will it be indoors or outdoors?

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