Monday, September 17, 2012

Obama Campaign Hypocrisy

Just breaking on Twitter and on the Drudge Report, Mitt Romney will likely be under fire for these comments at a fundraiser:

What should be known is that Jimmy Carter's grandson worked with David Corn to get this video published on Mother Jones, a left-wing magazine, probably getting someone to infiltrate a fundraiser.

Considering the attitudes of some in this country, that is the case. Mitt Romney spoke accurately and truthfully, there's nothing wrong there, but we know this is going to be plastered all over the place tomorrow. Again, we'll see this president use anything and everything to avoid defending his record. Considering the memo that recently circulated, this should be no surprise. But before the president and his people want to go there, they need to learn to not throw stones while living in glass houses.

That was the "bitter clingers" commentary, which was rather said in a rather dismissive and petulant manner. If I lived in a small town, I'd be very offended to be characatured by a president and party that has a "flyover country" mentality. While I'm glad to see Paul Ryan reminding voters of this on the campaign trail, Obama's "bitter clingers" commentary should be looped constantly in Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa, and Pennsylvania. And can we forget about Joe Biden and his many gaffes!

More desperation from the Obama campaign, and for Mitt Romney to effectively get past this, he needs to stand by his words and stay on the offense, reminding Americans that it's President Obama who has the problem relating to average Americans, as he eschewed putting America back to work for Liberal Social Engineering that is going to bankrupt the United States. Let's hope the Romney brain trust follows my advice.

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