Thursday, September 13, 2012

Home Run for Mitt Romney After the 9-11 Embassy Attacks

Mitt Romney hit an absolute home run on a Wednesday Press Conference, where he made a statement on the 9-11 Embassy Attacks!

First, a little background. Al Qaeda sympathizing militants in Egypt and Libya, which just so happens to be the location of two countries where Obama supported the "Arab Spring," attacked the American Embassy in Cairo and the American Consulate in Bengazi. What brought this on was a film presenting a negative portrayal of the prophet Mohammed. In Cairo, Radical Islamic barbarians breached the security of the Embassy and were able to tear down the American flag, burn it and replace it with an Al-Qaeda flag. In Benghazi, the barbarians breached the building, murdering Ambassador Christopher Stephens and dragging his dead body through the streets of Benghazi. Two US Marines protecting the US Mission were also killed.

These attacks were clearly coordinated and planned on the 11th Anniversary of September 11, 2001, and in his comments, Barack Obama refused to recognize this; instead, in what seemed like a heartless, mailed-in speech, seeming to double down on apologizing for something America honors in her Constitution - free speech. And after this speech, he took no questions from the press; rushing off to Las Vegas (and I thought he told us not to go there) and not answering the following questions:
  • Why did Obama's State Department not beef up security at the Embassies on the 9-11 Anniversary?
  • Why does Obama constantly apologize for America instead of standing behind her?
  • Shouldn't Obama be sticking around Washington to plan a response and focus on the Mideast instead of running off to fund raise?
  • Will you now be attending more of your intelligence briefings?
  • Why isn't Benjamin Netanyahu as much of a priority as fundraising or sitting down for softball questions?
Mitt Romney's comments showed strength, leadership and proudly defended American ideals, principles and values. In the face of a media conspiring to throw Romney off course, he stood strong in his finest hour. He looked presidential and this scared the heck out of the media, as Obama's blundering is reminiscent of Jimmy Carter's foreign policy, so they're now accusing him of "playing politics" and "jumping the gun." This should be the time for supporters Americans and fellow Republicans to gather around Mitt Romney and support a leader who will never apologize for America and will lead not from behind, but right up front!

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