Monday, September 17, 2012

Where the campaign stands and What Happens if Romney Loses

We are about 50 days out from the most important presidential election in US History, and considering how we've seen Barack Obama's foreign policy initiatives imploding, unemployment numbers getting worse, the suffering of another economic downgrade, and the US National Debt continuing to increase, one would think this election is a no-brainer. Apparently, that's not the case.

The polls have been all over the place since the conventions, but the reality that cannot be denied is that Obama is up by 3 in the Real Clear Politics Average. While it is true that the only poll number that matters is the one on Election Day, it is also true that these polls play into the psyche of both sides and may impact campaigning style. Mitt Romney has a lot of work to do to secure that win, as it is Mitt Romney who is America's last best chance to save this country.

Barack Obama could still win this and if by chance he does, this could very well tear the Republican Party apart for their candidate to lose in this atmosphere. Laura Ingraham has alluded to this, as has Rush Limbaugh. Conservatives could bolt the GOP and the party would be left with the wishy-washy blue bloods of the Northeast. This split could very well be responsible for aiding in Democrats getting elected for at least a generation, unless the US fiscally implodes or the new 3rd party can unite the factions of the former GOP. As a result, a Mitt Romney win is not only better for the country, it's better for the party, as a united GOP survives and the role of conservatives can be addressed down the road while their in power, as opposed to while the United States is burning down.

To make sure this scenario doesn't happen, Mitt Romney, must stay relevant, stay on the offense, be consistent in doing so and give Americans a reason to vote for him, not against Obama. He cannot wait until the debates, he must do this now; even take notes on what his running mate is doing. Furthermore, they need a five point "cheat-window" in the major swing states. We have 50 days, it can be done and the stakes are higher than ever - the economic viability and national security of the United States of America.

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