Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jon McNaughton's Obamanation

In 2012, we have seen Jon McNaughton express his First Amendment Rights through his works of art; The Forgotten Man and One Nation Under Socialism. McNaughton has just created another political work of art: Obamanation.

As McNaughton describes, he painted 60 symbols that represent the failures of this president, and on the website, he links the symbols to various news sources. I find this absolutely fascinating and even though I am a news junkie, following and reading every day, I will be spending some time reading the descriptions and links that are provided. To those who don't consistently follow the news or who are coming online at the conclusion of summer, Obamanation an excellent resource to learn how Barack Obama has failed America. As McNaughton explains, it is his hope this painting educates voters and wakes them up so they do not vote for Barack Obama again this November.

Great work, Mr. McNaughton and thank you for speaking up!

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