Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Next McNaughton Painting May be in the News More

Jon McNaughton, back in February, made the news, and not too long ago, he did it again with his next painting, One Nation Under Socialism. In this painting, Obama holds a burning Constitution, while pointing at it, and this symbolizes McNaugton's perceived opinion the President holds of the Constitution. Between his recent comments against the Supreme Court (and Kudos to the 5th Circuit Court for their response), the agenda he has attempted to advance, as well as his past comments, many believe McNaughton may not be too far off in his analysis on this one.

McNaughton was recently on Hannity to give a little background about the painting and Hannity has made an intriguing decision to buy it so he can offer it on loan to various museums that have displayed "art" with left-leaning messages many deem offensive. This may truly test how willing these museums are to honor the First Amendment to a work of art they may deem "offensive." Will we see a few double standards in action? I think so!

Well played, Mr. Hannity!

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