Friday, April 6, 2012

"(Bleep) Bless the USA?!?"

Talk about the height of political correctness, arrogance and stupidity.

A school district in Massachusetts, whose elementary school was to perform the song "God Bless the USA" in an assembly, had been originally directed by the Superintendent to change the lyrics of the song to omit the word God. Thankfully, taxpayers and parents spoke up about this moronic and offensive display of political correctness, putting this administrator under pressure to rethink his directive. They showed him the way and there has been a change, as the students now have the "option" to sing the word and the lyrics will not be changed.

This is also another example of the elitist attitude of some educators thinking they know better how to raise and nurture children than do their parents, making decisions that may conflict with a child's upbringing. Last I checked, parents have the final decision in the upbringing of their children. In the past I have advocated parents to speak up when they see an educational injustice and in this case, they did it loudly and this bureaucrat/Superintendent was put in his place.

Lee Greenwood's response was direct, proper and correct.
Maybe the school should have asked the parents their thoughts before changing the lyrics to the song. They could have even asked the writer of the song, which I of course would have said you can’t change the lyrics at all or any part of the song. The most important word in the whole piece of music is the word God, which is also in the title God Bless The USA. We can’t take God out of the song, we can’t take God out of The Pledge of Allegiance, we can’t take God off of the American currency. Let us also remember, the phrase God Bless the USA has a very important meaning for those in the military and their families, as well as new citizens coming to our Country. The song is played at every naturalization ceremony behind The National Anthem. If the song is good enough to played and performed in its original setting under those circumstances, it surely should be good enough for our children.

This is one of my favorite songs and below is his moving performance of it (starts at 2:50 of the video), which I saw live at the 2007 Freedom Concert. Amazing song and I close, GOD Bless the USA!

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