Monday, April 23, 2012

Obama: Damn this Constitution, It's MY Government

Last night while I was watching Celebrity Apprentice, I found myself cringing at Aubrey O'Day's rhetoric which she used to prop herself up. The constant self-pats, the overuse of I, me, my, etc; absolutely nauseating. And as I was watching, I remembered where I heard this before-that's right: Barack Obama!

Well, folks, he's at it again with the I, me, my, but this time, it's in relation to his legislative agenda. Now that Republicans are running the show in Congress, he is looking for ways to go around them by increasing the strength of the Executive Branch; the exact thing he chastised George W. Bush for doing during his time as president. In attempting this, he is also going around the Constitution looking for ways to avoid the checks and balances it so desires. This is very dangerous and it reeks of electioneering and a cheap attempt to build up his legacy.

Republicans need to stand up and let the American people know what this president is doing and must also remind him, it is not his government, (no president can take ownership of the government; they are just the standard-bearer in the time they serve in that elected position) but government of the people, by the people and for the people!

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