Thursday, April 12, 2012

Who is Really at War with Women?

Last night, Hilary Rosen, a Democrat hack operative, decided to attack Anne Romney, and thinking in her "Beltway Mentality," she attacked women across the United States. Below are her comments.

"(Ann Romney) has never worked a day in her life."
Wow! How low can you go! With this bunch, we haven't hit bottom yet. These comments are disgraceful and they attack stay-at-home moms across the country with contempt. Also, these attacks prove the feminist movement to be inconsistent and hypocritical, as society has always taught that the most important job a woman could do is be a good mother and raise children who will be productive to society. I don't remember the attacks of Jackie Kennedy for those comments. I know of many women who made that choice to stay home to raise a family and for that challenging job, they should not be attacked, but praised. Furthermore, it's none of their business whether a woman decides to "have a career" and raise her children or consider raising her children as her career-it's that woman's decision! So I ask my friends on the left, who is really attacking women? Apparently, it's the political left, and from Hillary Clinton to Teresa Heinz Kerry, to even the Obama White House, this is an old and tired attack that will backfire.

Thankfully, there has been blowback, both from the left (phony outrage, considering this president's comments) and the right. And I must give credit to Ann Romney! This nasty attack facilitated her Twitter debut and she also gave a direct, yet graceful response on Fox News today.

In terms of motherhood, Ann Romney is successful! She raised five boys and did it while battling breast cancer and Multiple Sclerosis. For battling those diseases alone, she should be regarded a hero by her feminist sisterhood. Ann Romney makes a lot of good points in her interview with Martha MacCallum, specifically, the fact is that women are knowledgeable about the economic decisions in families across America and don't necessarily need a job to have be cognizant of it. As a result, they are heavily marketed toward in the United States, as I stated in my comments on Fox News back in December of 2010.

Democrats are thinking in a "Beltway Mentality" (what goes on inside the DC Beltway goes on across the United States) and doing that puts them out of touch, while distancing them from voters in important states that don't necessarily mirror the culture of Washington DC or New York City. This is a teachable moment about the hypocrisy of feminism, the hostility Democrats show to Americans outside the Beltway and who really is at war with women in the US. Kudos to the Republicans and Conservatives for speaking out, and I hope they continue to use this opportunity to educate Americans, and women, as we get closer to November.

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