Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sarah Palin=WINNING

Sarah Palin appeared on the Today Show this morning and guess what??? She won the ratings war!

Below is the opening clip

As you can see, she embraced self-deprecating humor and won herself many points, as it's always nice to see politicians do this because it tells the viewer that their not self-important narcissists and do not take themselves overly serious, which makes them more likable to the voter. Her interview with Matt Lauer also went very well and like the good conservative she is, she did not accept the premises of Lauer's questioning and frankly, kicked his rear.

Now I may be biased, considering I've met her and been there during her speech, but Sarah Palin did a stellar job as co-host and really connected with the audience. It's funny how NBC and the Today Show may have derided her in the past, but they look to her when they need her, and time and time again, she comes through! One classy lady!

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