Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sarah at CPAC!

Before I get into her speech, that's right! I met her (that's a good friend of mine in the middle) at CPAC! A major reason I headed down this year, Sarah Palin keynoted this year's Conservative Political Action Conference (on her birthday) and as you will see from my video, she rocked the house!

The standing ovation was strong and constant, lasting quite a long time. Her speech had 3,200 in the Marriott Wardman Park Ballroom (and in the 3 auxiliary ballrooms) rise to their feet time and time again; even more so that George W. Bush's 9/19/01 Address to a Joint Session of Congress! Below is a clip of her speech that was taken from my point of view in the audience.

This address was clearly consistent with her style of embracing and articulating conservatism, while placing Conservatism side-by-side with the president's world view. At the same time, Sarah Palin consistently shows "no fear", takes direct shots, does not back down and no matter how many times her critics may knock her down, she has the guts to keeps moving forward! At times during the speech, you may hear the chant "Run Sarah Run" (which I started at one point) and those who joined in believe she is Conservative enough and brave enough to lead this nation in the style of Ronald Reagan. While I continue to support Newt for 2012, (And also met him again this CPAC) Sarah Palin would have been a memorable candidate and one day, I hope she runs!

When we took that picture, there was a mass of people converging on her to meet her and some really big security guys to push us back. We were lucky and persuasive enough to get in there and get a pic with her. She was interested that we are from New Jersey and also took special interest in my friend's military service! It was definitely a moment to remember.

As Sarah Palin is a strong vessel for Conservatism, likely one of the strongest since Reagan, and could very well be the next leader of the "9-11 Generation", my support for her will not only stay constant, but grow!

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