Monday, February 13, 2012

Occupy CPAC Fail

They planned, they tried, they failed! The "Occupy" movement, who has a ridiculously major problem with the First Amendment Rights of those who don't endorse their positions, and also don't mind committing acts of assault to get their point across, decided to organize a protest astroturfing at CPAC, in front of the Wardman Park Marriott and outside the Woodley Park Metro Station. As I was coming up the Metro's escalator to the street level, I started to smell them and hear them. They had their predictable signs, they screamed their "we are the 99%;" nothing new. To me, the group seemed rather small. While we did encounter at least one nice "Occupier," the others had some major issues during the few days there: crashing the hotel, heckling Sarah Palin, cursing out Dana Loesch and Andrew Breitbart.

"Occupy," again, exposed themselves as disgraceful hypocrites in attempting to threaten violence and commit, to quote Dana Loesch, fascistic acts so their voice gets heard. "The 'Right' Solutions" gives a tip of the cap to the DC Metro Police, the Secret Service and private security; all who did a stellar job at keeping these rubes at bay so that CPAC attendees had a positive educational and social experience at the conference.

A win for Conservatives!

NOTE: The picture above is of the "Occupy" camp on Freedom Plaza, taken from the Clock Tower of the Old Post Office Pavilion.

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