Friday, February 17, 2012

Mitt Romney's Conservative Challenges

Mitt Romney spoke last weekend and CPAC and declared his Conservatism in his address; so much so that he told us, at least 20 times. Even though, people, including myself, still have doubts.

Sarah Palin, who brought the house down at CPAC, was interviewed on Fox News Sunday and spoke personally of how she views his level of Conservatism: (At 4:46 of following clip)

Sarah Palin still carries weight in this party and among Conservatives in the United States, and Mitt Romney must realize this. When we see voter turnout down in the states that Mitt Romney won, like Florida, and when we see the supposed front runner not sweeping these primaries, there are problems. As Republican Presidents have proven since 1968, endorsing Conservatism is a winning strategy and gives people something to vote for, as opposed to just going out to vote against Obama.

Hate to say it, but with the combination of the lack of passion out there for Mitt, lower Republican turnout in the states he has won, as well as his perceived challenges with the Conservative community, it's not a given he could win against Obama if he wins the primary. If I worked for him as a strategist, I'd tell Mitt Romney the following:

1) Fire the voters up. Stop complimenting the president ("He's a nice guy, but...") and instead, tell voters why his agenda is not Conservative and your agenda is. This will inspire voters come to the polls to vote for you.
2) Stop trying to convince the voters in your past that you have always been a Conservative. There are doubts and by bearing down, you continue to raise doubts. Instead, look to the future and how you will be a Conservative as president.

3) Agreeing with Dick Morris, address the issues of the day, in real time, from a Conservative viewpoint. A world event could change the minutia of the campaign. As America deals with the pending Israeli-Iranian Conflict, the possiblity of Greek default, the "Arab Spring" turning into the "Arab Winter," and the "contraception debate," Mitt Romney must address these issues and the Conservative solutions he'd endorse if elected president.
We need a new president and if Mitt Romney is the Republican candidate to oppose Obama, he needs to make sure voters do not doubt his Conservatism. Romney needs to do this not just for himself, but for the United States!

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