Tuesday, February 14, 2012

CPAC=A Recommended Visit for Any Conservative

Having been a part of the Conservative Movement and supporting Conservative causes since my college days, you would think I have been to the Conservative Political Action Conference. Well, this was my first trip there and wow, what I've been missing! So much to do there, so much to see!

The Marriott Wardman Park, where CPAC is held, has three large interconnected rooms that form the CPAC Exhibit Hall; the place where Conservative organizations set up booths, sell merchandise and even broadcast radio shows, as well as news segments. You will likely run into someone famous in this area, as well as get tons of "CPAC Swag." I ran into Allen Covert, Stephen Baldwin and Kevin McCollough down there. All were incredibly friendly and were willing to pose for pictures. During this year's CPAC, Jedediah Bila, Andrea Tantaros and Jesse Watters (who I ran into in the lobby) were also down there. In terms of "CPAC Swag," I have two bags full of posters, calendars and brochures! So much going on down in the exhibit halls, it's difficult to decide where to start!

In the auxiliary ballroom(s) there were events such as a Santorum Meet and Greet, a "Dessert Social" hosted by Congressman Steve King and Phyllis Schlafly, and panels modertated by well-knowns in the Conservative world (NOTE: The picture above is of me with Townhall.com editor Katie Pavlich, taken after the panel discussion "Breaking into Conservative Journalism")

The main ballroom was where all the big banquets and speeches took place. Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum; as well as Bobby Jindal, Rick Scott, Andrew Breitbart, Ann Coulter and Daniel Hannon were the headliners who addressed CPAC. The Conference culminated with a rousing and insipring speech by Sarah Palin.

If you are interested in or inspired by the Conservative Movement, CPAC is highly recommended and a great reason to visit the Nation's Capital. I'm already looking forward to CPAC 2013!

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