Friday, February 3, 2012

Send Your Resume to the White House

On Friday, the unemployment numbers will be released and what is significant is that they will be AFTER the Christmas season, when the temporary holiday jobs have ended.

During this same week, President Obama held a Google Plus chat and had a very interesting exchange with the wife of an unemployed engineer. Considering he and his White House have been telling Americans the economy is roaring back and as a result, should be re-elected, he was caught off-guard when Jennifer Weddel told him her husband has not been able to find full-time work in three years! Obama even went so far as to suggest her husband send his resume to the White House.

So far in 2012, we have seen a president that continues to be out of touch and it was on full show during his rehashed, over the top fantasy of a State of the Union! To further hit home to this president, I hope the true number of un/under-employed Americans decide to send their resumes to the White House. With over 15 million resumes to thumb through, maybe he'll get the point.

UPDATE, 2/3/12, 6:30PM: Unemployment numbers are out today and the U-3 rate is at 8.3% While on the surface it looks like the economy is improving, a few things should be noted about how the good news is phony. First, the reason for this fall is because people didn't find work, but their unemployment benefits ran out. The current participation rate in the labor force (meaning those that have a job) is at 63.7%; a pathetic number! Second, the numbers have not been seasonally adjusted yet, meaning those temporary holiday jobs that ended in January have not been figured in. I wish the news was better, but this is more of the same, month after month, the government cooking the books. We need to look past these numbers from inside the Beltway that are written with the election in mind, and instead, in our very own communities to see the jobs situation is not getting any better. When is over 10% unemployment (the realistic number) acceptable for the United States?


  1. January 2012 job numbers were just released, and they show continued growth. President Obama is moving our country in the right direction. The sad thing is that this won't be considered good news by you and others of your right-winged ilk! That's because you hate the President more than you love our country. Too bad …

  2. Let's not substitute an intellectual analysis of the situation with a foaming at the mouth attack of one's Patroitism for a moment...

    As I explained in my update, when you further read into the numbers more clearly, you will see that this unemployment/econommic situation is not good. Three years on the job, after wasting taxpayer money with the ARRA and expanding government while hampering job growth with PPACA, this president has made the economic situation much worse.

    I love my country that so much that when I see a leader who either finds these numbers acceptable, refuses to take responsiblity for them, can't be honest about their existence, or the solutions needed to fix these problems, I'm going shopping for a new leader, and I'm not going to be shy about it; just like someone on your side of the aisle once said...

  3. The White House can't cook the books necessarily, but they sure do cook the message--today's report was pretty good news for the stock market and gave some talking points to the admin, but let's see what happens after the adjustment...

  4. And we could probably bet that the numbers after the adjustment won't be heavily reported by the MSM, but that's what we'll do here!