Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Champions Come Home

Yesterday afternoon, the Super Bowl Champion Giants came home, and today was the day to celebrate. The day began with a ticker-tape parade up Lower Broadway, aka the "Canyon of Heroes," to City Hall, where Mayor Bloomberg presented them with keys to the city. We saw song and dance that rivaled Michael Strahan's 2008 Classic! After that ceremony ended, the Giants headed to their true home, New Jersey, where they held a large celebratory rally at MetLife Stadium.

I attended the parade in Lower Manhattan this morning, as I love this team, and in all the years living near New York City, I have never been to a ticker-tape parade. Yes, it's crowds are Disney times ten, yes there will be drunks (especially in Hoboken, en route home), but I tell you, it's worth it! The crowd was electric and it seemed like a big party. We claimed a spot along Broadway just below a clean and odorless Zucotti Park and were about 6 out of 10 deep. From our vantage point, there was a clear view of the floats and of the players, coaches and Giants staff! The Lombardi Trophy made an appearance, as did Eli's MVP trophy and their NFC Championship trophy! We were also drenched with the shredded paper and toilet paper that rained down on Broadway (and rained down harder when the likes of Eli Manning, Tom Coughlin and Victor Cruz passed by) And an extra plus, the Giants published, on their website, a picture I posted to my Twitter page earlier in the day!

It was a day well spent and a big hat tip goes out to the Giants, New York City for organizing this and the New York City Department of Sanitation for cleaning this up, literally right after it ended! Again, "The 'Right' Solutions" congratulates the New York Giants on an excellent season and another Super Bowl Championship!

With such a job well done by New York City, I think they would also do a wonderful job planning a ticker-tape parade for the returning Iraqi Veterans. Are you listening, Mayor Bloomberg?

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