Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Body Scanners Cause Cancer?

Good news out of Washington! Members of the Senate are pushing a bill to force an examination of whether or not the airport body scanners cause cancer. For someone who flies a few times each year, I dread ever having to go through these things and while I came close once, TSA thought the magnetometer was good enough for me the rest of the times. Friends who have gone through these things have complained of various heath issues such as the "feeling of sunburn" lasting for days after and hot sweats a few days after. TSA and Homeland Security pushed these machines upon fliers very quickly and have consistently argued that radiation exposure is at a minimum.

Because of that unknown, I will continue to "opt out" for a pat-down and I recommend the same to all, including any cancer survivors or anyone with cancer in their family. It's a little late that the body scanner is being examined, but I am happy members of the Senate are doing so, and would then recommend they examine how airport security can be more effectively be implemented.

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