Monday, February 6, 2012

The OSW & Big Labor Problems with the First Amendment

In the closing months of 2011, we saw the Occupy Wall Street Movement take hold and the media embrace them. As the movement progressed, we saw incidents of violence, rape and vandalism take place, not just in the shadow of the 9-11 Memorial, but in cities around the United States. As problems had arsien from these "squatter camps," most cities put an end them, yet cities like Oakland and Washington DC still has a bit of a problem with them.

It looks like the DC Metro Police Department are going to get a lot of overtime in this week as Big Labor is sponsoring an OSW-Style incident at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). I find this unfortunate, not because I am attending, but because this group has shown a blatant double standard and disregard of the First Amendment. By attempting to disrupt this conference, they are working to stop speech of a point of view with which they disagree. It's quite clear to Americans that OSWers don't support Free Speech if it doesn't fit their agenda.

We have seen, time and again, these attempts don't work and I am confident that Conservatives from around the country who will be converging on the District will not be intimidated by these thug tactics. My advice to my Conservative friends is to have your cameras and videophones ready if these people stand in your way, as if scenes like this take place, the left's attempt to shut Conservatives up will miserably fail.

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